Choir #2

Later Lola, Fred and I went to choir. It was really fun and really hard work ! we went 30 mins earlier so Chris could go through some basic singing lesson stuff with us. It was quite fun and definitely enabled us to sing louder and more confidently during the choir session.  Fred enjoyed it for a little while. He has a lovely singing voice. 

My husband is quite busy and a bit stressed at the moment. I  guess he feels the pressure of everyone wanting to go to Netherlands, and it all hangs on him too.  Yes i know he hasn’t got that job yet, but it certainly feels as though he will. 

I just love walking in a town or city I’m unfamiliar with. It’s a cheap hobby for me and Ruby, and I’m very much looking forward to it. Home education is not specifically legal there so it seems Fred will be at school and I  will be able to concentrate on helping Ruby. 


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