Hello, i got F up nice and early so he could eat and have a little go on his game before princes trust . Then I  rang for a Dr appointment for Robin, got an appointment for 10am, so nipped to Penny’s for a quick catch up , made it to the appointment , that went well . the Dr and people from YPAS think R should try a low level anti depressant. R  has recently lost what small number of healthy habits she had, so certainly it might be good to try. so we are just thinking about it for the moment . 

So. appointment achieved! I was feeling good about that until Princes Trust rang and asked where Fred was! I completely forgot to send him! it was too late . Oh  well he was quite happy playing instead!

Ruby and I  had a look at our household budget, and watched a little vid about dave Ramsey style buget cash envelope system. “Give every dollar a name”. 

Then we gave some dollars the name “lunch” by eating at The Elephant.! 


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