Ponies again, Amsterdam 

Ok so Lee has an interview in hamburg on 28th November , for the Amsterdam job. it is very exciting ! i have been doing some research about relocation and chatting to my cousin who used to live there. he had the fab info that the dutch have state-subsidised international schools! somewhere Jojo can do his GCSEs in english for cheap! yo! 

My international friend Carol had lots of advice and opinions about relocation package. 

This morning Ruby had an  appointment at YPAS: the Young Persons Advisory Service in town.  i left her to  it with a nice lady . (I think she talks more when I’m not there). it went on for hours! 

The lady is getting Ruby some counselling and offers a small quiet drop-in every afternoon in town. i came away with a heap of bumf.

Oh yes , also the lady said it’s very unusual for someone in R’s condition to be not on some medication for her anxiety. truth is i have  never considered it. Obviously I don’t like the idea of medication. but do you know, i really do not like the idea of R’s current quality of life experience either. food for thought .

This afternoon we met C&C at Lark Lane, had a McDonald’s and went to the pony sanctuary again.  we brushed the horses and rode them a bit again. i dared to stroke a pony’s face this time! 

R was very into refusing each pony-based activity but she got on in the end, thankfully . 

C took some pics, I’ll add them later.


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