Hi, today Fred went ice skating with the Prince’s Trust , and Lola painted another coat on the Welsh dresser, and I cleaned and sorted some stuff in the kitchen . 

Yes i might get someone to tile it sometime . 

Then I made a carbonara bake and cabbage (urgh!) and Lola and I went to the first one of the community Christmas choir (at our church ). it was so fun! Chris the leader is classically trained , and many there have sung under him before so they knew all the parts, so he just put us into groups and we got on with it ! we did about 6 songs: O come  all ye faithful , Silent Night,  Hark the herald, O little town of Bethlehem. the only one Lola and i hadn’t sung before was O holy night. 

So for classical arrangements there are 4 parts and for gospel there are 3. We were both alto.  There were some complete strangers who’d come because of the leaflets we’d posted through . 

Because lots of those present are rather good, or even professional musicians, it was a lovely noise! I can’t wait for the concert on 18th December. We will have the live band too.


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