Thursday , the Good wool shop 

I got on the bus with Fred as I had a meeting but by the time I was in town it was cancelled .  So I’m free! Where do I  go, how about  this Wool Shop in Formby !

I got the 47 bus through Bootle, Crosby, then a bit of countryside, Ince  Blundell and Formby. 

The lady was very friendly and helpful , and I thought they had a surprisingly wide range of yarns for a small shop. 

I walked through  (it was in a shop called Derbyshire’s ) to Cathys tea room.

Which was also very nice. it was a bit less fun going without my Samantha , but a nice place to visit. 

I got these.

Then I got the buses home, and ended up going with Lola to watch Trolls at the cinema . it’s  very colourful and I enjoyed the musical numbers , but I did feel as though I’d been hypnotised !


So i spent about 5.5 hours on the bus yesterday , gah!

Fred really enjoyed his time at the crocky trail with Princes Trust . 


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