Online tutorial!

This morning I sent Fred off to Princes Trust again. Ruby and I went to Woolton to collect the laundry and have a little lunch . Then she went to meet Rita, a life coach! Meanwhile I was rather overwhelmed with my OU work, I’m quite easily 2 or 3 weeks behind… and I looked at when the online tutorials are for each subject, and the  last possible ones are tonight and tomorrow night! And the first submittable work is due next week, aaaaaargh!

I went to lie down and pray and be still. I listened to some Stuart Townend worship songs, within an hour I was totally peaceful, thank you Jesus!

So then I went to Jojo’s school for a meeting about the Romania trip.

This year he is involved with raising money to send year 10s to care for Romanian gypsies . Then April 2018 he will be sent himself! It’s very exciting! Afterwards he and I walked into town, it’s nearby, and had some lovely tacos.

And now this is me attending my first online Tutorial. It was fun and easy. It’s not video thankfully, just audio!!


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