To the Plaza!

Friday Fred went to Princes Trust again and went cycling in Delamere forest. 

I went to Ange’s and she asked me to make my God daughters a doll’s blanket each for Christmas.  Can do!!

3pm Ruby and I collected Mariola by bus to go to the Crosby Plaza cinema. It has  been resurrected and is run and maintained entirely by volunteers. 

We went on the 82 bus, got off at Cressington  (between Garston and Aigburth) and got on the Southport train.

It’s down some fab leafy private roads I had completely forgotten about.  A different world 15 mins away on the bus!

Then got off at Waterloo.  We walked to the boating lake.

It was 5pm and light but my photo doesn’t seem to think so!

Anthony Gormley’s “Another Place” art installation of 100 iron men is there. I’m sure I’ve seen it before, but possibly 10 years ago.  It’s very evocative! It was almost silent there and the men seem to be standing sadly, lonely, with expectation.  I enjoyed it.  

Then we walked along a bit and found a bus back to the High St. We tried Nepali food – we really enjoyed it at the Da Mount Ghurka. I would certainly go there again. Then walked to the Plaza, we had an hour to go so we had a coffee in the pub next to the cinema and played a little colour block  game I have on my phone.

We enjoyed “Bridget Jones’ Baby” as it was very silly. Then the long journey home! Thankfully Lee collected us at South Parkway about 11.


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