A Thursday. Surprising Knitting. 

Hi. Fred wasn’t so keen to go to Princes trust today, but  I  managed to get him to go off to the bus stop by himself. 

I have crocheted the above autumnal squares in James Brett marble DK. (4.5mm hook)

Imagine my surprise when Penny knocks with this! 

She has knitted almost an entire self-designed jumper for herself using chunky yarn! I have never seen her knit before, and we’ve been friends for  10 years! I was extremely impressed! I think she hasn’t knitted since her teens! That is a woman of many talents there.

Then Ruby and I popped to tk maxx for no reason. 

Fred came back in an ok mood. Today they went to Thor’s Rock in the Wirral and did making a shelter in the woods. 

Lola’s gone to Emilia’s. 


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