A busy day.

Me and a friend! 

R and Samuel the other day.

Tuesday a lady from our new church took Ruby to walk her dog.

Can’t remember what else, then BSF.

Today, what a busy day! I took Fred on the bus for his 1st day at Princes Trust. 

Then bus to Alder Hey  hosp to visit Shaq and Samantha- it’s been two weeks!! Since I last saw them. Her lovely cousin and little boy (pictured above) were there. We took the little fella to the park and Sainsburys for lunch. He was absolutely hilarious and adorable.  

…then dash back on the bus to the Royal hospital to attend a legitimate appointment with Lola. There was a small mix-up as she received another patient’s paperwork (who had exactly the same name, but was 87 years old!) But sorted. Seen a Dr and then a physiotherapist. Lola will receive a letter from Garston physio but in the meantime, carry on as she is, trying to wean herself off the leg brace.

Speaking of braces, Ruby’s has made quite a difference already in terms of evening out her front teeth. You’ll have to wait to see for yourself though, as she’s “not keen” on being photoed. 

 I was meeting Lee at 6pm for our 20th anniversary dinner at Matou after the hospital appointment.  I ended up getting an outfit from the sale rack in Sainsburys as otherwise I’d have had on the same clothes and ill-matching trainers all day, and then into a slightly posh restaurant…  i got a dress for  £9 and some accessories and shoes well within budget! Lola and I had a quick look in Abakhans  (secret code for “I bought some yarn and she got some shiny glittery accessories”)

And then I caught a bus to Mann Island, which is where Lee’s work and Matou are.


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