OU / baby Sam

Oh hello. Last night Lola came to Alpha course with me. It was fun, and there were tears! Which I wasn’t really expecting.  But it was good. 

Today I popped into Emilia’s. Samuel is 9 days old and adorable  (obvs). Emilia is looking a bit better , recovering from the c- section . I took them some food from sayers. Her mum has also arrived, but she was asleep as obviously there’s broken nights going on at the moment!

Tomorrow I am going to get Emilia out with the pram for a short walk. 

Fred had his 2nd meeting at Princes Trust and we are go! For next Wednesday. 

Tonight (Angel chorus of Hallelujah!) I have finally read the 23 page intro booklet to one of my 2 OU modules, Been  on the OU website and made contact with a woman in liverpool doing the same German module as me, hopefully we can meet up for practice. The OU website has your personal page, with links to everything I might need, and even a fully filled in planner of all the bits of work and when they need to be done. 

Feeling a bit better about that now!


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