I haven’t done much procrastination for ages, but now I have my university work to do, those procrastination skills have kicked in, and they are as strong as ever!!

So I started well this morning, listening to a bible chapter, doing some housework, changing my sheets etc , then for some reason Lola and I went on minecraft for ages, making these detailed forest villages which were really cute with loads of details, using  a trial texture pack , which has means we couldn’t even save it for future use! 

These are lego but you get the impression. 

Anyway I’m blaming it on the bug and I’ll try anew tomorrow! 

I love this blue. Ruby had bleached her hair a few days ago and went around blonde for a while but she’s a dark bright blue now. Quite like the top flower pic.  Lola’s had black hair  for a couple of weeks and is going pinky brown (?) Later today.


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