Hello. Today we met Lola out of college at 12.30, and we had lunch in 81 Renshaw, a nice little cafe/comedy venue. Then Ruby went to her cathedral work, and we went to the Prince’s Trust to fill in some forms for Fred to begin his course there next week. That was fine, he has the same caseworker that Ruby had; she did a double-take when she saw Lola there waiting with us.

Then we went to Edith’s as we haven’t been in months. We had a nice chat, though Laurie’s aneurysm thing is a bit worse, he has to go to Bristol to have an artery exchanged or something, with high mortality risk. He kept referring to it every 5 minutes, which I don’t think is very reassuring for his wife! 

Later I popped into Emilia’s to meet their new son, his name is Sam. He was 9.5 lbs or thereabouts. He has a deep voice like Joe, and a lovely lot of thick silky dark hair quite like Joe’s, but his face didn’t particularly look like either parent. A young couple from SBC were there too with their new baby boy, so that was lovely.  Then I read Olivia a story and we prayed for everyone to get a good night’s sleep! 


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