Sunday. Church, then Ruby and I had a pizza. Lee went to work to test some new system on the computers.  then I went to Emilia’s.  I gave her a set of plates- they got a dishwasher. The  baby is a  week overdue, she is to be at hospital 7am Tuesday in a queue for cesarean. I put Olivia to bed. Joe made us polish style pancakes.  Emilia says the polish shop in Speke is diversifying into delivering cooked meals. Pierogi, pork chop n mash with cabbage etc. We’ll have to try it. 


 Fred has done his home ed. I have an appointment with him at Princes Trust on Thursday.

Last time Ruby was at a paediatrician for the regular aspergers follow up, the Dr was a bit horrified at her quality of life and recommended Ruby get a social worker so we can plan for her future. 

I rang today and social services would not even consider her for a social worker as she is healthy and being cared for! I should not be surprised. 

I will refer her to the aspergers team at Norris Green next. 

A busy day. Went to Morrisons with Ruby, made a shepherds pie. Did some tidying in the dining room. I have  achieved about 75% of my goals for today, I really was supposed to look at dozens of emails from the open university! Oh well. 

I’m getting rid of this oversized table or “horizontal storage area” as it is actually used as. I am replacing it with a much smaller one. 


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