Theatre trip

In the morning I had breakfast with Lee at Unit 51, then we walked to town with lovely coffees from Baltic Bakehouse. They have the only coffee I really appreciate. 

Then to Lime Street to meet mum. We had a lovely tapas lunch in La Tasca, 

then went to the Royal Court Theatre to watch “Twopence to cross the Mersey “.

It’s a Liverpool staple. It’s based on a true story.

we were in the  balcony which was shockingly high and steep! We really enjoyed the story, there was a pared back sort of system for props and set, which went well with the story. It had been scousified, so it was a bit funny and there was a little bit of swearing, lefty politics etc. Some of the actors were really good. 

Then a little snack in Patisserie Valerie and we were done.

Jojo has been at C’s birthday. 

And Lee and Lola have been to the wedding of an old friend of Lee’s . (because I had forgotten all about it and made other plans!!!!)

A lovely day. 


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