Look at this squirrel! 

It’s a colouring in page! Amazing huh?

I took Fred to the Dr’s this morning about a clicky jaw. He got some ibuprofen. Then lovely Simonne picked me up and we had a super time at Tuebrook market, some 2nd hand shops looking for an appropriately sized cage for her pet hedgehog! Then I had a look at him but he was asleep.  His name is Hoagy Carmichael!

This is going to be a big hexagon, it’s a free pattern by Cypress Textiles.

In the evening I had a Chinese meal with my 2 girls. It was lovely and peaceful, with  lots of chatting and laughing. 

Today I took Fred and Ruby to Spring City, a trampoline place where we met quite a crowd of home educators, many I don’t know.  A couple of lovely friends were there that I haven’t seen in literally years! It was fun. 

Then Fred went home and Ruby and I met Lola in town. We went in Cow, the new vintage/upcycling shop.

Look at the lights!

Lola would love a job in there!

Later we watched Gnomeo and Juliet, then God’s Not Dead 2.

Finally joining these granny squares. 


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