Cfs first “parents collaborative meeting “

Hello. Today I nipped to Morrisons with Lola, then we headed to Fruit And Fibres.  We had a nice quiet afternoon there, then went to see Bad Moms at the cinema, I thought it mostly Dross but Lola enjoyed. Then some quick n yummy tacos at Tortilla, and she went home and I went to some annual meeting at Jojo’s school, CFS. It was interesting and friendly.  I now feel much more connected to the school family. And it is a family. It’s very ethnically diverse, the ladies I sat near were German and Czech, and I was also looking around for any surprise faces from the past. Someone always pops up at any christian gathering! And there was “clarence” who came to Toccy Tab the year before I left, I was surprised he remembered me, but of course I was pretty memorable with 4 little uns . He said he remembered them as happily dancing around my feet, which is cute. He has 2 young ones in CFS, and he introduced me to “chet,  a single dad with 2 in CFS, who is about to get married to Rosy! Can you remember lovely Rosy? 

So there were some other nice things too and Gareths mum gave me a lift home.



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