Note I’ve upgraded him from one verse to two. We finished book 1 of The Word 1_2_1 today. Then times tables, kidneys (a fun old maths book), Dutch. 

This is ocean jasper . I love the colours and patterns. 

I am a lot more cheerful but very tired. All we did was walk to Morrisons and make mince n mash last night, and I had a little go on Terraria with Lola. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the appointments / commitments sitting on my planner. I want to cancel a lot of them but I am avoiding making a rash decision. 

Fred went to Gap without me and then to K’s for a couple of hours. 

I went for a chat and prayed with Penny. Then Lola and I got the bus and met Russ at Shaq’s bedside and prayed for him and stuff.  Then we ate lots of the snacks out of his cupboard and played Guitar Hero! Shaq was pale and he threw up quite rigorously while we were there, but he was very personable and sweetly polite to Russ. Even before we set off I felt very confident that his meds will work and he’ll be home soon.

Then BSF and I was asked to help in the children’s class, which I do once a year. It was fun, they are a sweet bunch aged 6-14. Lots of fidgeting and people who don’t find writing easy. I am always thankful to God for this group. It’s a miracle that His Word goes in! 😁

After Deb took us to McDonald’s as she had promised her little guy a happy meal, so we had one too!


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