Glittery thang.

I managed to cry in both meetings at church yesterday, possibly a record. But by the evening I knew that my problem was not what it seemed, but an attack of the enemy.  

Joy Akhidnedor (not too sure of the spelling there!) Was very kind and encouraged me. Tanya surprised me with a lovely homemade cake and Sue gave me a little pot of homemade hummus!

Russ and Simonne and I made a date to visit Shaq 3pm tuesday to pray for him.

Then I went to Emilia’s as usual, I took some enchiladas I’d made. It was her due date yesterday. She can’t wait to get the baby out, but actually she looked a lot fitter than recently. She made pizzas from scratch. Delicious! Then I put my lovely Olivia to bed. We had a chat about VWs and Dr Caroline Leaf.

I didn’t sleep a wink, so I went to bed at 7am and then had brunch with Penny and her daughter, aunt and cousin. An omelette the aunt cooked using my hen’s eggs!

This morning a parcel came! A completely unnecessary item that I ordered bespoke!

A teaspoon rest.? It’s the size of a big short serving spoon. Goodness knows if I will ever use it. But you know, sparkly rainbow! 💖

Also check out the packaging!

Also I have knitted a bootee.

This is the only photo I’ve taken of it.

We did our Word one to one, he’s done a bit of Dutch Duolingo, a page of the times tables book and ch1 of Kidneys. 


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