I had to walk to Colin Sykes with Jojo at 7am to get cash and something for his pack lunch.  Annoyingly it didn’t open till 7.30, but I think he just managed to not be late for school. 

Fred and I did our bible study, Dutch verse, Dutch on Duolingo, a page of the maths timetables book, and I have ordered a copy of Kidneys (life of fred maths) cos I can’t find it anywhere. 

I am tired but hopeful for today.

Me and the girls went to Fruit And Fibres and had lunch. It was nice being out with both of them, most unusual.  It really way far too hot today though. We sat around a bit, didn’t have any customers. So I left early to have a little sleep as I had been quite anxious over the busy schedule of: afternoon at Fruit And Fibres followed by evening hosting a table at Alpha course. 

Both of these are fun and not stressful. That is why I am calling it anxiety . I wasn’t worrying, it’s just a general weight hanging over the appointments. 

So I had a lie down and listened to a sermon about his strength in our weakness.  It was very good!

Then Alpha. Bibi had decorated so prettily. We prayed. About 20 people from church came, one bringing a saved friend who doesn’t attend church or anything. Apart from that no one! 

Well we just did the Alpha and it was fun and quite good.  Me and Myra were host n helper, but no one told us which was which, we muddled through together. She says I’ll lead it next week. 

There was some lovely questions and interesting thoughts. I’m glad we did it. 


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