B+ (be positive, geddit?)

So. I was glad to hear Russ has been to see Shaquille twice,  and a whole lot of people prayed for healing on Sunday 5pm. I had to go to bed straight after the meeting as it’s been such a week. 

Sunday afternoon Lola and I had lunch and a hilarious time with Cathy. Due to her job she knows loads of advanced English grammar terms and she points out “ooh you just used a clarification strategy” etc. Well I enjoy it! 

Monday morning we did some home ed.

Oh yeah the colourful things are some tat we looked at in Taskers while waiting for Cathy. 

⬆that’s John 1:2 in Dutch. 

Oh yeah shocking news from today! I cooked some sort of roast dinner! Oh well actually Fred did, working with step by step instructions from me.

Also more progress on the shelves or “organisation station ” as I have secretly been referring to it. We took 4 bags of stuff to the 2nd hand shop today. 

Lola came back from her college full of it today. She had to think of 3 different clothing shops by price range, and do a presentation about the contrasting customer base, decor etc etc. She really enjoyed it. Most people used Primark as their cheapest option but she  used George at Asda and had fun with it. She is really enjoying it.  Long may that continue! 👌


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