Friday dressmaking 

Thank goodness the open university course starts 1st October.  Well done whoever decided that! It’s been a crazy week, the physically hardest work in ages. I have literally not crocheted or done any language stuff at all this week, or had a single nap, or met a friend except Penny. 

Jojo is just having a quick go on his game, before he leaves. He’s been ok at getting up at 6am , doing his pack lunch, getting himself ready, bag ready. So hopefully I will soon not have to get up at 6 with him . 

So Fred and I did a bit of bible study “The Word one to one” which I highly recommend.  I have gone through it with a lady before, and recently I was enjoying it myself.  Then Fred and I wrote out John 1:1 in our respective languages and practiced saying it in Dutch.  First he did it in his normal writing with a mix of capitals and lower case, and, in his attempt at perfection, he does these “corrections” which make it totally illegible.  So he had to do it again, trying really hard to get it right. 

Then a bit of 11 times tables.  These are both a great example of Fred . So clever, so able to translate and work out pronunciation for himself, but writing it is a massive hated task. And same with maths, he can do all kinds of calculating bur not learn his tables. But he’s working on it. 

Then he started putting an Ikea shelf unit together, then I went to the 1st of 4 sewing lessons with Paula. She signed us up for it, it’s  £20 the lot as guinea pigs for Liz, who worked in fashion in London  and is about to put on baby- friendly lessons for local mums. Today we pinned and cut all our pieces of a shift dress (I’m doing mine for Ruby as I am not the same shape as a shift dress.)

Fred: thankfully the sort of thing he needs literally no help with:

Putting together my ikea billy bookcase for the back room. 

I just played Janis Joplin’s  “Mercedes-Benz ” and it has really stuck in his brain…


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