Art college

I’ve been waking at 4 this week, you know cos the alarm is set for 6. So today I got up and tidied a bit in the kitchen, did some washing and looked in me bible. 

On the bus at 7.45 accompanying Lola to college the first day.  Her course is called Fashion Business and Retail. She is starting the 2-year btec. 

That’s the arts building above.  You get the 80 bus as it’s a walk up away from town. She went on her crutches. 

Then I walked to the meeting to get the little bit of training and encouragement before heading to town with a team of approx 20 people, to tell people God loves them. 

I was paired with Mary from Bootle and Miriam from  St Helens. We walked around and told quite a few people that “God loves you  and has an awesome plan for your life” .

It felt a bit flat as no one wanted my good news! But after an hour, we reassembled, and 7 people had responded and prayed the sinners prayer, and 2 other people had recommited themselves to Jesus. 

And a man said that someone who flatly refused a few days ago, then got approached by another member of the team days later,  Was open to hear the gospel the 2nd time. So it was worth it!

Then met Lola for bus back. Made some enchiladas. Took some to Emilia’s, Lola came with just one crutch as she needs to get rid of them asap to strengthen the leg. Emilia is very tired of being tired! It’s still a couple of weeks till she’s due.

I bought a mix of peas, beans and mint in Iceland, and put it in my enchilada with the usual spicy red sauce. It was delicious! Also everyone had to have fishcakes. – I asked Fred to put 2 in the oven , and he put the whole packet in! About 16!

Last night I went to church for training to be a table host at the Alpha course which starts next Wednesday. 

It looks fun.


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