Wednesday Arrowe Park 

Gosh it’s a busy week full of medical appointments! And getting up early for Jojo.  

Yesterday afternoon I got him some packed lunch goodies, and while I was at bsf everybody ate them. So I need to hide them probably!

Lola and I were on the bus at 8am for her follow up appointment at Arrowe Park Hospital, rather far away in the Wirral. 

There was a big delay and we were finally seen. She has a new, more bionic looking brace, and has been given some physio exercises . She will be seen back home in Garston Drs in a couple of weeks. I was hoping someone would say “it should never happen again” but that isn’t really what they were saying! So I prayed for peace for Lola, not to worry about it happening again. 

We had lunch in their Canteen and back on the bus . We just got in at 3:30 – a days work! 

Here’s the bionic leg.

She must do some exercise to strengthen the thigh above the knee so it doesn’t happen again!


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