.Jojo first day. 

So Jojo got up early this morning for his first day at CFS. He left at about 7.30am as it’s 2 buses to get there.

Fred and I were heading to town to the basic gospel training aspect of “the Liverpool Turning ” , but we failed! I gave him the wrong number for the card and the cashpoint refused my card. I had to go to the bank to sort it out, but couldn’t get bus money out!! I never hear of anyone else getting into this kind of mess. But I often do.

 In the end my two girls and I popped to Allerton Rd to the HSBC and had some lunch in a Chinese restaurant.  Rather unusual and nice! Lola was on crutches and it is really hard work!

So Jojo got in about 4.50pm, he finishes at 3:45.

He was fine but he’s a bit overcome by the amount of homework coming his way! He’ll soon get used to it.

I’ve been to bsf- we’re doing the book of John, it’s brilliant. It’s my 3rd time of doing John as I’ve been there 14 years! I’m really looking forward to it. 

When I got in Jojo had indeed done 2 hours of homework and at 9pm was just putting the ps4 on! Not sure how this is going to work?! 

Oh well it’ll iron itself out!


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