Hullo Monday

Ruby and I went to town to get her upper brace put on this morning! Photo not permitted. But you know, train tracks on the top teeth. She’s enthused. You know, a step in the right direction! I don’t think I have ever considered what a difference it will make to her self-image. Having uniform  teeth. It’s gonna be good!

Then we popped to Abakhans for the fabric for my 4-week sewing course which begins Friday.  Over the weeks you make a shift dress, so I’m making it for Ruby as I am not  the same shape as a shift dress!!

Then later Jojo has made his packed lunch for school tomorrow:

And I went into Penny’s with a big bag of Christian books and dresses I’m passing on, and some eggs, I felt like Santa Claus!

We had a good chat about surviving our lives and she prayed for me. She’s da bomb!

I have cooked tonight . Yo!

Awwwww! Penny brought a bag full of treats for Lola! What a lovely friend. 


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