Epic walk

Bibi invited me to walk from her home in Garston to Otterspool and along the prom to town, and I agreed. I had breakfast with Lee at Moose Coffee, then he dropped me at Bibi’s. I haven’t done this walk for many years, I used to quite regularly with Barbara when the girls were in a pram!

We walked down to Otterspool, but it turned out the entire prom and area was a ticket-only music festival. So we turned back and walked to town down Aigburth Rd and Park Rd. It was raining but warm. Utterly soaked, but having a great conversation, we stopped at Unit 51 for a coffee before walking to have a Chinese lunch in Hanover Street.

Then up Bold Street as Bibi wanted to try going home down Smithdown Rd. We walked past the Women’s hospital and down Smithdown as far as Ullet Rd, by them my feet and her knees were complaining! So we got the 80 bus home.

It was very fun and we walked minimum 9 miles. We would very much like to do it again. It rained the entire time! And basically took the whole day – we were walking from 11am and got on the bus after 4.



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