I left my phone at mum n dad’s, so here’s what’s been happening!

We went to the new shopping centre /big M&S in Stafford.  

It’s OK! 

I can’t remember much else about Stafford as we were preoccupied with Lola. She had been to work and was waiting on a bus stop with Nathan. She didn’t fall, just shifted her weight and her knee popped off! Or something.  After her horrible wait over an hour lying on her face at a bus stop, ambulance took her to Arrowe Park Hospital in Birkenhead.  They treated her and after about 5 hours she went to Nathan’s as it’s a lot closer. His lovely mum Angie looked after her.

The next afternoon Lee collected her. 

Ruby and I came home Monday lunchtime.  Lola hadn’t had any sleep. But lee had done a proper dinner.

I wheelchaired Lola to Morrisons as she really doesn’t enjoy sitting around in 9ur house! There’s always someone arguing or shouting. (Boys). Then later to the sweet shop the in the other direction!

Lola had a horrible demonic dream. Just then Penny came to check on her, and explained it was shock, Ronnie had a similar thing when he had a painful op recently. That was helpful. 

Tuesday. I had Ruby’s paediatric (asd) appointment . We talked about her quality of life, which is minimal at the moment.  It was a bit traumatic appointment !

Then I took Lola in wheelchair on bus to town to keep her Tuesday dinner appt with Nathan .I was going to town to The Liverpool Turning – worship and training/encouragement  to speak to people about God in the streets. So Lola said she’d come to that. So the 3 of us had dinner in Byron Burger, then Lola and I went to the Turning. I warned her people would offer to pray for her leg healing! As soon as we walked in and sat, 2 different men came and prayed for her and asked her to walk, and she did! Healed! !!

We had a marvellous evening of praise and worship. And encouragement.  Then lola got prayed for by this South African bloke Gary I’ve met a couple of times, with some prophetic/ stuff about being a vessel of Holy Spirit , I was soooooooo glad she went there that night!

Then we got a lift home with Simonne . 

Lola is thrilled about not starting college next week in a wheelchair!

Today we went to town with  her on just the crutches! As I’ve changed crochet day to Wednesday. Dad said he’d meet me there with my phone, so imagine my surprise when we arrived in Fruit And Fibres to see Mirren  sitting having had her lunch!

We had a lovely afternoon, Hannah (the owner) joined us for a moment’s knitting, and dad had a coffee and cake and checked out my home-from-home!

Then he got back to the trains and Mum, Lola and I popped to Boots and then got the bus back. Exhausting!

Meanwhile Ruby went to Emilia’s to help around the house, Jojo was at tennis. Fred had the computer game to himself. 



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