Eggs galore (part 1 of 7856)

We are in Stafford, beginning the epic job of cataloguing mum’s decorated egg collection. 

Ruby had her separators put in yesterday morning and they are quite effective! She’s in a bit of pain, not surprising as her teeth are being moved! But she will have to get used to it, it’ll all be worth it…

We had lunch with Mum in the Soup Kitchen obviously! It was lovely. 

I bought this fabulous bag in WH Smith.

Mum has mixed this garish Red Heart yarn from Florida  with some pale mint and it actually looks pretty! (I had run out of ideas)

I am crocheting this strange item with sock yarn:

So my Lola has dislocated her knee or something and is with Nathan’s family in Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead, getting x-rayed. Ruby and I have come to Maccies  purely to use the WiFi. 

I went to see Shaquille yesterday in Alder Hey.  He didn’t look as bad as I thought thankfully! It’s a difficult time for the family, but he’ll be better soon, please pray for them! They are such a lovely bunch. ❤


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