This huge bear.

Fred (right, in lilac, barely visible) and coach Dave in blue.

This morning I had a lovely talk with Penny. We really hadn’t seen each other since before Gdansk, so I heard all about her new job and it tied into some questions I had about Ruby’s future home/activities opportunities. 

Penny was very encouraging.  Sometimes it’s difficult to see what I’ve done all day – often it’s very clear that it wasn’t cooking or cleaning. And she encourages me to count all the things I have done (metaphorically- I don’t sit there actually counting jobs!) 

Then Ruby, Fred and I went to Tennis. It’s usually Jojo going these days, but he was a bit sulky over all this maths and so I thought I’d take Fred. There was a charity fundraising thing on, and unfortunately we won this bear! 

It’s 4 foot 5 tall and really plump. Fred loved it of course! And bizarrely so did his coach, who insisted on getting his photo taken with it on court “get the Head racquet in the pic”!!

How to get it home! No way am I struggling onto the bus with that. Chris and Di’s live near the tennis club, and thankfully they came and drove Fred and “Jolene” home. (I won it for a quid by guessing it was called Jolene) but pretty sure Fred will christen it a boy. Fred guessed it was called Brooklyn, that might stick.

Fred was the only kid who turned up, so he had an hour’s  private lesson, all for £5! Fab! He worked hard in the hot sun. And was even polite and picked up the balls afterwards. 

We also bought some lovely homemade cookies and cakes there.

Then Ruby and I got the 75 to Woolton to collect the clothes from the launderette. 

It’s hot. 


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