Some stuff

While we were getting Jojo’s uniform Fred had his final maths lesson with Anna as she’s moving down south to work for Open Doors. She was very nice, made maths fun and it was nice to know Fred isn’t behind in maths . 

We finally set up the printer to scan so Jojo can email his penned diagrams to school. Then Mrs B marks them and sends back with comments:

He’s doing year 8 maths at the moment as you can’t skip anything in maths (oh sorry I just fell asleep) and apparently they are just making maths GCSE harder in some way for next year. Snore.

I have found Mrs B’s incessant chivvying rather stressful in the texts and emails, but in real life it’s said in a friendly tone of voice, she really is working very hard to help Jojo not feel anxious when he gets into class.

Jojo did make the enchiladas under my instruction yesterday, but apart from that he basically did schoolwork all day. (Oh yeah like normal people’s kids!)

Ruby, Fred and I took 6 large bags of clothes to the launderette- all from R’s room! Still,  it’s easy to tidy when every scrap of clothing is removed.  And we had lunch in the Old Hardware Shop as usual on launderette days.

I made carrot soup. 

The days are full, very full, though I’m struggling to remember what we did! 

I love the hymn, “I know not why God’s wondrous grace…” And it comes from a bit of 2 Tim so I am trying to memorise 2 Timothy.  I needed something different to do Bible-wise so this is it. I am learning one verse a day, also looking it up in German and translating it. I am going with the modern  “Hoffnug für Alle” version. 

I am absolutely mad on my German at the moment, doing it every day with Duolingo. Duolingo tells me that i am 27% fluent. Is there an international scale of fluency? 

 R is doing some simple dutch on her phone app. Dutch is really fun as the accent is quite theatrical! 


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