Pop up wool show / getting lost! 

Lee and Jojo went down south to the open day at Alec’s  work, looks like they had a lot of fun. 

Ruby and I went to Emilia’s for a bit Friday night and then Olivia slept over at ours so she could come on this day trip to Port Sunlight to a “pop-up wool show”. 

We met Mirren at South Parkway. We got the train to Port Sunlight and had a tea and cake in this cute cafe, 

Drama was provided by 2 of the cakes having a bit of mould underneath! Urgh!

Then we went to the Wool Show. It really was all about wool. 

Lots of gorgeous things to look at, but we didn’t buy anything as it was genuinely Wool, the kind that needs hand washing or whatever, so also expensive. We really enjoyed the colours!

Olivia did a bit of weaving. 

Then we got on a bus going the wrong way  and ended up, not in Birkenhead but Thornton Hough, a small village in the middle of nowhere, a bit stranded, not even a shop was open so we had lunch in a pub there called the Seven Stars. It was okay. Then back on the bus to the Abakhans in Birkenhead.  

I got this gorgeous yarn called Sprite in colourway Corfu.

And I’ve made these. 



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