I was a bit late picking blackcurrants, so there aren’t many. And we have a big cherry Tree, but the only ones the birds haven’t got to, are the few growing in the shade of the fence. 

I got a few blackberries from the wild bit at the back,  and just took a pic of the blueberries as they are looking good!

I’ve made 3 jars. 

But I’m not sure if it’ll set! 

Oh boy! The drama of the emails passing between Mrs Boulton  (head of upper school at CFS) and Jojo, and the texts she keeps sending me , about all the work he hasn’t done! I’ve proper shouted at poor old Jojo about it all today. I’ve just remembered that I haven’t prayed about any of this and I didn’t get any sleep.  

Similarly I have had a go at Ruby today, as she was stepping out the front door, she announced that she didn’t know what time she was starting today! 

Prayer and sleep. 


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