In the evening I went to my local Starbucks charity quiz, making up a ream with 8 people from church, age range 12 to 80! It was really fun especially the 23 snippets of 90s pop ! 

We came 3rd of 5! 

Also, Samantha got me these fab gladioli that I’ve tried to arrange: 

Gorgeous pop of colour! Bringing some beauty and colour into my life, much like the giver! 💕

I couldn’t sleep at all, so I came down, did some stuff in the kitchen, had some potato curry and watched another David Wilkinson video.  Yay for youtube! 

Then I watched the remaining episodes of Blå Ögon while destoning the plums we foraged. 

I’m really thankful to the Lord for giving me peace! I’ve got far too much to deal with at the moment and I’m trying to remember to leave it all with Him! 

I’ve spoken to the electrician about finishing off a few little jobs. 


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