Sunday 14th August 

Here’s some polish winter salad I made. It’s really nice. 

I went to church with Ruby and Jojo this morning, and later had a chat with Samantha.  Please pray for her and her son,  who is not well , she is working very hard looking after him.

In the evening i took Lola and the boys to church to hear W Richard Worsley speak. He is the headteacher of CFS, where Jojo is about to start.  He studied philosophy and started of as agnostic/atheist.  But has spent the past 30 years studying all about young earth creationism. He’s quite serious about it! He gave an interesting talk. He gave 4 points of many he had at his fingertips! I wasn’t particularly listening as I don’t need to prove creation to anyone, but the kids need to hear it. 

Then kfc. 


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