This morning Lee and I had breakfast at the Tavern . Then I did some kitchen work and it was still only 12 noon, so I went out with Ruby.

I’ve passed through Prescot dozens of times on the 89 bus going to St Helens hospital. It’s a small town, I’ve always wanted to have a look and today I finally did. Ruby and I went, we had a walk up and down the 2 main streets. 

We popped in some 2nd shops and M Ray’s Craft Bakery and Coffee Shop . She had a brie and bacon toastie, I had a rhubarb pie. 

There’s a surprising number of butchers for such a small place.  The modern shopping mall was half empty of shops as there’s a big tesco and big box retail park 2 streets away.

Jojo and Fred were out doing mini golf in New Brighton with the Mix. Oh yeah, because they were going our quite early for a Saturday, I made them a sandwich in the style of the Polish ones I’ve been enjoying- just smoked cheese, tomato and mayonnaise on a roll, with a little bit of celery, salt and pepper. Fred ate it but Jojo wasn’t up for it. 


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