When you are trying to work towards a better relationship with someone, the enemy is horrified by the display of God’s Grace in your heart, and attacks you by shooting many flaming arrows, arrows such as “remember the sad times” and “remember they upset/betrayed you” etc etc. We have the shield of Faith to protect us from this attack.  The Faith is God’s! He placed it in you as a gift. We really need it, as (and how galling) We don’t realise it’s the enemy attacking, we think these negative, hopeless messages are our own thoughts! 

Take captive those thoughts- ask where they came from and who they benefit. 

Why is the enemy so bothered with your paltry , sad old relationship issues? Because God will be greatly glorified through this situation one day.  The enemy wants to prevent this happening.

Believe what the Lord says about you and your relationships! He knows the joyful conclusions of your life!



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