Gdansk 1.

This is where I’m staying in Gdansk.  The very top left and middle bit to be precise, the dark brown balcony is off Emilia’s bedroom. 

Today Emilia, Mariola and I had a walk through the old town bit. If you love colourful, differently shaped houses, It’s gorgeous!

The big summer market was on. Mariola and I climbed to the top of this tower in the Town Hall Museum…

Which was quite a climb in this heat! And I took all these pics cos it’s a fab view…

The red arrow is pointing at Emilia taking a photo of us! 

Also inside the Red Chamber of the town hall,  the ceiling was totally painted – a bit much! But here’s a bit:

My pics don’t convey the very… european-ness of it all. It’s lovely!

There’s details and decoration everywhere. 

This is a Russian place we had a drink and a sort of pancake. Samovars!


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