I got to spend Friday with this gorgeous girl! She came to Fruit And Fibres with me.  We didn’t have any customers, so we just had a nice quiet time, she had a little try of knitting and crochet but finally settled on finger knitting and made herself the hairband shown above.

Then with Penny we walked to the home of “I”  who goes to our church and lives in Speke. Lots of ladies from church came and we had a good laugh and chat, lovely refreshments and we all learnt a bit about Latvia, where she comes from.

Very good.  Then my young friend slept over as her family have gone to Scotland  (imagine driving all the way to Scotland with 5 kids under 6!) They deserve a medal…. and my girl is now on her way to Bridge Kids Camp. 

Lee and I had breakfast at Churrasco on Aigburth Rd, a beef place. I noticed it does breakfasts at 9am so we tried it today. It was OK.  The thing I liked most on the breakfast menu was no longer available! GAH! So I had a normal veggi breakfast  (snore). 

The thing about Churrasco, that cannot be ignored, is that it is in a building that used to be the public toilets on Aigburth Rd! That’s always gonna be wierd. 

So now I have made a Greek salad for this afternoon’s church bbq, and printed off my boarding card for Mondays flight to Gdansk.  I am quite nervy about going on my own to somewhere I’ve never been before and I have not much practice of the language. So I got priority boarding as any little thing helps to lessen the stress.



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