Admin Monday,  1st August 

Good day! Last night I went to “Live at 5”, the prayer meeting, which was good and encouraging as ever, then stayed behind having a cuppa with Stef, as we had been praying for each other in pairs. 

This morning I have achieved a few admin items! Yay! I’ve rang Currys and factory reset the laptop cos Jojo is supposed to be doing maths on Google drive for CFS. 

I’ve sorted the direct debit form for CFS and also found a letter from Anna our maths tutor, and written an email in reply. They are the main outstanding, Very Outstanding jobs!

Oh I’ve also written schedules for this and next week! Get me!

Ruby has gone to the cathedral to complete induction before she starts properly next week. 

I have contacted the St John ambulance cadets in Belle Vale to see if that’s what Fred could do one evening a week next term.

Lola came back from Alton towers and told me all about it this morning. And has touched up the bleach job on her hair…

Ruby has saved up enough for her computer , it’s been about a year, so we shall soon get that.


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