Hilbre Island 

Hi, here’s a pic from yesterday:

This morning Lee and I had breakfast at Coasters, New Brighton. Then popped into Birkenhead to see the Wilfred Owen museum, which was shut!

At Seacombe we passed a corner shop called Singhsbury’s!

Then we tried to drive along the coast to West Kirby.  But there are too many golf courses in the way!

We parked at The beach, looked at Hilbre Island.  It said you could walk across, but be back by 6pm or you’ll get trapped on the island! So we walked.

It was nice and sunny and breezy.

First you get to Little Eye, then turn right. 

View down the Dee estuary. 

On Little Eye, with a bit of Wales in the background. We could see Talacre.

Middle Eye.

There was loads of these little black snails. 

We saw this lovely arch. 

View towards liverpool. We saw lots of swifts and oystercatcher. 

On Hilbre Island.  Who lives there!?

We saw some Atlantic grey seals bobbing about off the north end of the Island – in my photos they just look like a dot though. But we could make out their faces. 

What a lovely place! It took just over two hours walking there and back, and we got quite muddy. 

Afterwards we drove to Heswall to the Jug and Bottle for a very nice soup & sandwich lunch.


One thought on “Hilbre Island 

  1. My partners side of the family have been here a few times and we keep meaning to go to see the seals, looks like a nice day out X


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