Thursday, quiet!

Thrilled to discover a “free” day, ie with no plans or appointments, I determined to sort some paperwork I’ve got behind on and make some phone calls. 

I didn’t do anything of the sort!

 I got the kids to watch a bit of Ben Fitzgerald video from the conference yesterday, we had a little talk and pray about speaking positive and how God sees us.

I done some crochet, obviously, and had a sleep. 

Ruby and I went to Morrisons where we bumped into E from SBC, she is pregnant with 4 weeks to go. She looked fab, she’s a marathon runner type, so very fit to enjoy the pregnancy. She said she wants to come to my crochet group. 

Samantha advertised my group to another knitting group in town that seems to have stopped meeting. Hopefully this will bring some customers!

I’m really enjoying this Moorish Mosaic Afghan pattern, but as it’s all in single crochet (dc in uk terms), it grows way slower than I’m used to. I like the detail though. 


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