Jesus loves My City

A few weeks ago, “Y” from Gateway invited me to this conference in Wavertree and said she’d pay! Cool! Then a couple of days ago, she came back from abroad, tried to buy tickets and it was sold out. So we just turned up! And in the queue, a friend of a friend hadn’t been able to come, so they gave me their ticket! Y insisted I go rather than her. I spent the day with a lovely girl from Norfolk! 

There was some wonderful worship, very quickly you felt the power of God’s presence. It was overwhelming and very powerful and glorious.

Judah Cole gave a wonderful talk on the power of God’s love and presence, what a difference it makes in someone’s life. Then Ben Fitzgerald, who is hilarious, told us the Fear of Man would be broken and shared some hilarious anecdotes about his experiences with the fear of man. With a really good point. After that they warned us that things would get messy/wierd, and anyone who was ensnared with fear of man had to run to the front to get prayed for. I knew I am not troubled with that fear anymore since my experiences coming out of SBC were all about it! So I prayed for the surrounding people. There was some screaming and roaring and stuff.

Then lunch. My new friend had bought me the conference t-shirt, so I got her lunch on Smithdown. And then to the coaches! We had some basic training and we were off to 3 bits of Liverpool to share the good news! I got allotted to Newsham Park and I partnered with a lovely lady from Glasgow. 

At the park there was some worship and encouragement . There was face painting and a table full of things we could give away. Water, sweets, and roses! We took a rose each and gave them to some ladies, telling them Jesus loves you, he knows you, we had a longer chat with one than the other. It was all a bit weird, but each was certainly touched and won’t forget it in a hurry! 

Then, the young lady I was with, noticed I wasn’t praying in Tongues, and we had a chat about it and I was happy to pray to speak in Tongues, and we did pray about it for a while, and nothing happened as usual! 

She was a psychiatrist and couldn’t believe I didn’t think aspergers was an illness, we chatted a lot and she prayed for a lot of the difficult things in my life. She was very nice. 

I also saw a nice couple who’s daughter was Lola’s friend in Studio. 

It turned out 26 people had given their life to Jesus in Newsham Park this afternoon.  There was the same activities going on in 2 other places and there are 2 more days of the same thing this week. 

It was brilliant teaching and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it! 

After, Y came and picked me up, and cooked tea for me at hers. It was very peaceful and lovely!


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