Like normal people. 

Okay, having a fridge in my kitchen isn’t enough to make me like normal people, but it’s jolly exciting!

Today I supervised Fred decluttering,  clearing and cleaning the surfaces and sweeping and mopping the floor. He did a good job though it took most of the morning! But it was a terrible state in there. 

Jojo did the front room and Ruby handled the washing. Lola is at her last days work experience at Fruit And Fibres today. Back at Coasters tomorrow, then she’s going to Alton towers with friends over Thursday and Friday. 

After literally not talking to any of us* for weeks, my husband has realised he’s in depression and is going to get some help at the Dr’s when he gets his over 40 NHS check. 

*except to tell us off,  That goes without saying. 

Peace out!


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