Coasters & West Kirby 

We had such fun playing a dance game on the Wii last night! I had forgotten about how fun it is. We definitely need to do that more often. 

This morning I went with Lola to Coasters, New Brighton for her 1st day of paid work from Anthony. We got her some black jeans as we passed through town, it’s quite difficult to find some long enough at 8.30am but we did it.

Anthony suggested I start a crochet group on his sofas. Yup!

Once she was settled in, I  got a train to West Kirby, changing at Birkenhead North. I feel like a tourist! It’s ages since I went anywhere new on the train, I’m loving it!

West Kirby is where M, a Christian home edder friend I’ve never actually met, is asking around cafes for somewhere I can do a monthly crochet group.  So today I’m just nosing about the area. It’s a seaside village, never been around here before. 

The waiting room at Meols has a nicer view than most. 

At these stations there were planters full of fruit and veg growing, with “please pick and eat when ready” signs. What is this strange world?!

West Kirby turned out to be Quite Nice. 

It was bustling. It’s small, so everything is close by. 

I walked to the beach. 

I got a train back to Birkenhead North, then walked up Laird St and checked out St James Op Shop, the 2nd hand shop Lola used to volunteer in for work experience.  Nothing special!

Then got the 437 bus to Liverpool and the 86 to Samantha’s, we had a butty in an adorable cafe near her house with all sorts of red polka dot stuff in. I was a bit too tired for chats unfortunately! But it was nice to see my friend. 

Then home. Jojo was still sulking about his aching legs from DofE walking, and Fred had a sore throat so, rather than have a sleep, (!) I took him to the walk in centre in Garston. It’s a viral throat infection so ice lollies!

So Lola has work 4 days a week now. She is earning, hurrah!!


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