Lots of fun. 

Hello. Last night I went to house group at Simonne and Johnny’s, as Russ n Bibi are still in Turkey.  It was a quiz night. So there were 3 older ppl, me and Ali are in the middle, and 4 young folk. We did a bible quiz and a general knowledge quiz. I was in a team with 2 young men called Chris and Mike, it was nice to get to know them a bit. 

Then suddenly the four young adults all got up and went out playing Pokemon Go!

Anyway we had a good laugh.

This morning I went to Emilia’s as she is flying to Poland tonight, and it’s her birthday tomorrow. I did some paperwork with her- she has to make a letter of permission for Joe to take Olivia to Poland next week as Olivia has a polish passport and doesn’t have the same surname as Joe. Also Emilia has to have permissions from a Doctor  in English and Polish to fly as she’s over 6 months pregnant…. complicated stuff!

Then I went to Fruit And Fibres for my crochet session. 3 families came, so I earned  £15. Yes I’m really coining it!

There were various  little girls present, and though we have crafts to occupy them, it got a bit out of hand, and H the cafe owner said she got a few negative comments.  So I had to speak to a lovely mum about it. GAH! Anyway she agreed to only bring one kid at a time in future! 

I want to be inclusive but there’s a business going on in here! So I must put my foot down !!

Today someone in the Wirral asked me if I could do it once a month over there. She’s going to ask in some cafes. Yes!


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