Speke hall and phase 1 with Penny. 

German Mary and her little girl E collected us at 11 to go to Speke Hall. I took Ruby and Fred. We walked around a bit,  The kitchen garden is lovely, with some funny touches, like life-size knitted and crocheted fruits hanging from the apple trees!

We had lunch there, I really enjoy trying to chat in German with the little girl, but Fred doesn’t really “go and play” without Jojo to direct the games, and Ruby just sat there silently as she does, so it was a bit stilted. 

They are a nice family. 

Then an hours nap. And Penny came for Phase 1 of sorting my kitchen. Penny just LOVES chucking stuff out and keeping everything clean and tidy. I kid you not, even though her kettle and toaster match, they are still hidden away in a cupboard when not in use!

So she’s enjoyed cleaning the surfaces and inside the lower cupboards. 

We’ve purged some baking trays etc, and she decided the kettle and toaster would go on the right, I’ve never had sockets on that surface before, so that’s new.

We did about 2 hours and will do another session, phase 2! In a few days.

What a super friend, we enjoyed ourselves.


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