A hot day on the buses…

Hello. Ruby got on the bus to the cathedral to register on the Volition project.  Jojo and I went to Go Outside, a big camping supply shop in Bootle. It is absolutely boiling and the shop wasn’t near public transport.  Thankfully we got all the things we wanted, a coat, walking boots, water cannisters, microfiber towels etc . It was about £120, but at least he can use the coat for school this winter. 

Above: not shown very well, but this house in Bootle had dozens of black statues on and around it!

Then we got the bus through to tennis, I said hi to my friends there, I was struggling with the heat and having walked a lot in my sandals rather than my trainers with the inserts that prevent pain. I’ve managed to get on at least 5 buses today in this heat, they’re like greenhouses!

I actually made tea including a lovely bit of salad with balsamic vinegar on, yum!

The boys’ friend C came back from tennis with Jojo to spend the evening.

I’ve finished Three Dog Night by Elsebeth Egholm.  It was really good so I’ve ordered another by her. 

Lola has been offered a little, weensy bit of paid work this weekend at Fruit And Fibres. Cool!

Ruby got on ok, they are thinking of putting her to work in the archives at the cathedral for her voluntary element. She seems positive about her day.


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