Ghostbusters 2016

Above: my kids. My little squad. They don’t allow photos. This is as close as imma get. You know, like wild creatures. 

The electricians came to wire the kitchen. Cue us going out.

First we rehearsed Ruby’s bus route and walk up to the Anglican Cathedral – she starts there on Wednesday morning. 

It was absolutely boiling, you can imagine us after 50 mins on the bus, it was soooo good to get into the cool of the cathedral.  

An interesting gate. 

Then we walked down to the Prince’s Trust, to ask if Fred can do the same “Fairfield” 6-week course that Ruby recently finished. He can! It’s called “achieve” and is available to 13-16 year olds. He starts in October!

Then we were all so hot and bothered, I thought, where can we go for lunch that’s cold? Oh yeah, Bakchich- it’s always freezing in there. So we enjoyed a healthy lunch and smoothies in there *except one person who had to cry for a good 10 minutes as I wouldn’t buy him £12 prawns!!

Then Jojo went home and the rest of us went to see the new Ghostbusters movie. It was a bit funnier and less crude than I expected, so that’s good. We enjoyed ourselves.  Then it was 10 to 5 so we got Lee to pick us up. 

Now the kitchen looks like…

So the electrics is done , a man is coming to tile soon. They couldn’t do exactly as planned because there are two hidden, blocked up doors in the walls, which places are obviously not strong enough to put sockets. But ☆progress☆!

We’re getting there!


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