Jojo French book.

Just some silly snapchat pics.

So Jojo has been doing a bit of French each day, as he starts the gcse in September! Today we got to the days of the week, and we both remembered them in the tune (kemptown races here we come) they used to sing it at Stockton Wood! He is doing pretty well. 

And my African flowers crochet from today. I just love this bright coral colour!

Also I’m on “hosting” duty at church tomorrow, each week there’s a team of 3 or 4 people, who each bring some snacks for the buffet, set it out, pour teas and then wash up. I am just doing this as a one-off as it’s the hols and so on. You can bring bought, but most seem to make. So I’ve made some cheese ‘n’ pineapple on sticks and some banana and oat muffins, and I’m in the middle of making a no-bake coffee and walnut slice. I made more than I needed so the family can enjoy it too. !


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