Anderton Boat Lift (again)

Fred, Emilia and I went to Anderton Boat Lift.  Last time we took 4 hours to get there by public transport!! And thereby missed the last river trip by 5 minutes! So I was more prepared this time.

We took the Birmingham  train to Hartford and then Taxi to the boat lift. 

The lift gates weren’t working !! So we just had the cruise. It was really nice weather and gently cruising the “Weaver Navigation” for half an hour was just what the Dr ordered! 

Above: one of the 70 foot steel rams.

We saw two cormorants close up. And a concrete boat similar to those used in the war.

Above, sitting in the boat in a Caisson.  By the time we’d finished the little river cruise, they’d sorted the problem and we were able to go up in the lift! Yay!

Looking up at the old gear system devised by ppl such as Citroën and Royce.

We had a lovely day.


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